"After wasting money and time on two local dog training "experts", I'd just about given up hope that Truman's fear aggression could be controlled. Tom Ponelli was my last hope. Tom exhibited tremendous patience and provided invaluable insight in helping me train my dog in a relaxed manner that instilled courage and calmness in Truman. I also learned several techniques that allowed me to calm Truman prior to him getting into a fearful situation and to recognize the warning signs that he always gave prior to an incident (but that no one had else had ever picked up on). I appreciated Tom's willingness to adapt his training to best suit Truman's personality. Truman's behaviour and confidence improved tremendously, making him a much better member of the family. I highly recommend Tom Ponelli."
T. Pick, Wellsville PA

"Brian wants to bring Baron done for more training with you. We have had ZERO problems with him. He is an awesome dog!!!!! Baron is great he is so smart, he listens to everyone and has had perfect health. He's beautiful and has been a great addition to our home. He does his job when it comes to alerting us to unfamiliar noises and then lets us take control. Exactly what we wanted. He's still very much a puppy and wants to play with everyone he sees and if I have only that for a complaint its a good one. It scares the crap out of people but once they realize he's playing its fine. He still chases the cat every once in awhile but I think that's the puppy in him still. She plays with him too."
Brian & Renee' Kerr

"I am writing to find out when you have puppys due. We are so sold on German Shepherd's and you all as breeders (since Dempsey has been so amazing)."
Lora K. Taylor